Western New York Chess

We believe that chess is best enjoyed socially, playing over a board. Here are some of the clubs and organizations in the area.

716SocialChess  - Casual gatherings catered to adults

Archangel 8 Chess Academy - Club and coaching provider,  USCF events

A Different World of Chess - Chess store in downtown Buffalo

Black Knights Chess Association - Club and classes provider

Buffalo Chess Association - Classes and coaching provider

East Aurora Chess - Club catered to adults, USCF events

Grand Island Chess Club - A scholastic club in Grand Island, USCF events

Lockport Chess Club - Casual gatherings catered to adults

North Collins Chess Club - Casual gatherings, USCF events

Queen City Chess Club - Casual gatherings and classes

Queens Knight Scholastic Chess Club - Scholastic club, USCF events

UB Chess Club - Student run club for University at Buffalo